Welcome to giveITback

We are Africa's leading manufacturers of Completely Solar Powered Computer Labs.

In just a few years, giveITback has completed various computer labs throughout the country. We are positively impacting thousands of under-privileged children, communities, entrepreneurs and growing!

Why do we do it?

“…Because IT belongs to everyone”

The below PC labs are what we specialise in, click on one of the buttons to be redirected to info regarding that specific PC lab.




"So I visited your site…. So extremely proud of you for doing something that you are passionate about and for making a difference in the lives of young learners. We should chat about getting more sponsorships and supporting this initiative." - Vineshri Reddy

"Wow.... we don't have enough words to say Thank you.....Thank you DRA thank you GiveITback...we will take a good care of our new computers....thank you." - Lebo Ntlangulela


"I'm proud of what you do." - ZizikaziCurvy Prada


"I wish to take this opportunity to, on behalf of the Department of Education, thank you for your contribution to education." - Dr Hintsa Mhlane [CES at Department of Education]


"We Thank you guys for everything...keep up the good work and keep changing our future generation throught education and technology.....we are very grateful!!!!" - Andyle Ndlovu


"As part of Kouga Wind Farm’s Socio-Economic Development Programme, we partnered with GiveIT Back to provide a solar powered IT lab to Sandwater Primary School, which is in a small rural town in the Eastern Cape.  Being a power producer in the renewable energy space, the fact that the lab runs completely on solar energy was a great plus for us.  Children in rural areas often are not given the opportunities that their counterparts in urban areas access easily, and access to computers is one of those things.  Through organisations like GiveIT Back we are to bridge that gap." - Babalwa Kani



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