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We are Africa’s leading manufacturer of standalone Solar Powered PC Labs & Internet Café’s. Whether you need to service a school or a business need, our range of Completely Solar Powered products will brighten your way.

School PC Labs

Built in a secure, temperature controlled shipping container, the PC Lab can operate anywhere, and includes all the features necessary for a 21PC Lab within a school environment. Packed with features such as internet connectivity, approved educational software, completely off-grid solar power and much much more.

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Images of Solar School Lab

Solar CommunIT Hub

Built for the entrepreneur and the community. The GIB Solar CommunIT Hub is equipped with all the resources necessary to run a sustainable business, whilst adding value to the rural community it services. Features such as 24hr off-grid Solar Power, faxing, scanning, photocopying, web browsing, MS Office®,  airtime and electricity purchases and more are included as standard. The entrepreneur is provided with full IT training enabling them assist in CV Creation, Email creation, tertiary and job applications etc.

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Images of The Internet Cafe


brITe box

The brITe box instantly transforms any classroom into a fully functional PC Lab with 40 tablets, a teacher's laptop designed in a mobile steel enclosure and more. This solution also works without internet due to a custom built offline server that includes software from the Department of Basic Education, Wikkipedia, books, apps, Self-Study Courses, Educational CAPS and others. The brITe box also comes with a strong wifi reach and internet connectivity enabled for all users. Anti-theft software built in which includes GPS Location of missing tablets. The system is also able to send a picture of the person that currently has the missing tablet directly to the teachers laptop for security purposes. Cost effective and easily transportable to immediately impact and empower!



Images of brITe box

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